Eddie Lacy

Frankly, we’re dumbfounded. Green Bay Packers 37, Dallas Cowboys 36.

And we’re still alive!

I mean, maybe there’s someone out there who thought after watching the Cowboys go up 26-3 at the half that the Packers would come back, win their first game in Dallas since 1989 and pull off an amazing comeback to win the game, but we’d have called that person a fucking idiot.

Don’t even know what to say.

Will say this, though.

Eddie Lacy. Ed Motherfuckin’ Lacy! That boss had 21 for 141 and the go-ahead touchdown.

Matt Flynn. Matty Motherfuckin’ Flynn! He sucked in the first half, but who cares about the first half? That dude carved up Dallas’ shitty defense and went 26-of-39 for 299, four touchdowns and a pick.

And look, he didn’t carve it up in the first half. It’s kind of like he wasn’t even on the field in the first half. He did that work in the second half.

And you know what else? The secondary.

The much-maligned secondary.

The truth is, M.D. Jennings is probably the worst starting safety in the NFL. However, the Packers corners played huge in this game.

Remember when the Packers secondary created turnovers all the time?

Well, Sam Shields and Tramon Williams did that and came up huge.

Sam Shields is a bad motherfucker. A pick and three passes knocked down… and not inconsequential passes.

Tramon — nine tackles, two passes defended and the game-clinching pick.

The Packers safeties were shit. Their inside linebackers were shit. Clay Matthews was more or less invisible. Dom Capers put the game on these two corners and they stepped the fuck up.

The Packers still have some work to do, but they’re not dead yet.

You can thank Eddie Lacy, Matt Flynn, Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and a Dallas Cowboys’ meltdown for that.