Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz

Oh, to be a Detroit Lions fan… the misery, the losing, the years of ineptitude and so forth. After last week’s debacle, Lions fans ranged from pissed off to borderline suicidal.

A lot of people were calling for head coach Jim Schwartz’s job. Others expressed their hatred for the Fords, who own the team. And others were just like, we’re Detroit Lions fans, we knew disappointment was coming at some point.

Then there’s this guy. He went as far as writing a letter to the team’s owners and management resigning as a Lions fan.

Detroit Lions fan's angry letter

We understand the frustration. Not of being a Lions fan, but just frustration in general. You know, like when Big Ted signs zero free agents each summer.

In any case, we don’t really understand how one soul-crushing loss turns into a you don’t care about the fans rant. Then again, we’re not Lions fans.

Thank god.