Justin Tucker's kick sealed the Detroit Lions fate

It’s Tuesday, so that means Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers enlightens us through his weekly radio show. Today, he started it off by thanking Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker.

Tucker hit the game-winning 61-yard field goal to defeat the Detroit Lions last night, sending the Leos from first to third in the NFC North and Motown into a deep, dark depression.

The Packers, of course, just need to win out to win the North.

The first words out of Rodgers’ mouth were these.

“I’d like to thank Justin Tucker off the top here for his performance last night,” Rodgers said to open his ESPN Milwaukee radio show. “Unbelievable. That 61-yarder was amazing. I didn’t quite get the three previous plays, but wow.”

Nice shot at the play calling prior to the kick…

“It’s amazing that we’re sitting here 7-6-1 with a chance to win two and be in [the playoffs],” Rodgers said.

Amazing, it is.

However, it’s starting to sound like the Packers are going to be rolling with Matt Flynn again this week, which would totally make this guy happy.

Although he plans on practicing this week, Rodgers didn’t sound overly optimistic that tests tomorrow will show that his broken collarbone is any further along.