Matt Flynn

This isn’t to say he won’t be cleared, but the Green Bay Packers won’t evaluate Aaron Rodgers until Wednesday.

Coach Mike McCarty laid out the situation during his Monday presser.

“Aaron Rodgers’ situation will be evaluated Wednesday morning and then we’ll have a plan for him Wednesday,” McCarthy said.

In the meantime, the Packers are designing the game plan for Pittsburgh with Matt Flynn in mind.

Flynn has started three games in a row and Sunday was his best performance of the season. Flynn threw for 299 yards, four touchdowns and an interception. He also led the Packers to scores on five consecutive second-half possessions.

As for Rodgers, we know he thought he could have played on Sunday, but didn’t get medical clearance. Again, a decision probably won’t end up being made until Friday.

Ultimately, that decision is Dr. Pat McKenzie’s.