Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Earlier today there was a report that Aaron Rodgers would be lucky to play agains the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday and that the Green Bay Packers might shut him down for the season.

Well, apparently, Aaron Rodgers says he’s playing.

Now, the first question here is this. Who the hell is Kyle Montgomery?

I really don’t know. Never heard of him, but apparently he works for Fox Sports. After a little research, it appears he hosts a show about the Los Angeles Clippers for Fox Sports West. You’d think I’d know that being that I live in Los Angeles, but no.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, this is still a Lakers town. And mine is still a Bucks/Lakers household. The Clippers can suck a dick.

In any case, I guess QB1 was in Los Angeles watching the Pacers beat the Clippers on Sunday and he talked to Montgomery. Why he didn’t call me, I don’t know.

Probably because I don’t go to Clippers games.

Now, just because Rodgers says he’s playing doesn’t mean he is. That dude probably would have trotted out onto the field two weeks ago if the Packers crack medical staff would have let him.

As we all know, it’s not his decision alone when he returns from his collarbone injury. It’s the combination of him — and we know he feels good and can throw — the medical staff and the coaching staff.

If the last two groups say no, Rodgers probably still isn’t playing on Sunday.

But hey, with sports reporters who report sports stories via Twitter, it’s all just a circle jerk. One jerkoff says one thing. Another jerkoff says another. And then all the rest of us who actually take the time to write and analyze shit are left to try to read the tea leaves.

In this case, either the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport — who said Rodgers would be lucky to play on Sunday — will be wrong, or Fox Sports West’s Kyle Montgomery — who talked to Rodgers at a basketball game — will be wrong.

We just tell you what these dickheads are saying… and how they contradict each other in an effort to generate some buzz.

In reality, the real decision won’t come until Monday at the earliest. More likely, we’ll have to wait and see how much Rodgers participates in practice this week.

If he practices in full on Thursday, then he goes on Sunday, barring a setback.