Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Well, things remain murkier than we thought with injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Rodgers hasn’t been cleared yet, although he hasn’t been ruled out.

“Aaron Rodgers has not been cleared from medical staff. He will practice in a limited fashion tomorrow, not ruled out for game yet,” McCarthy said.

Rodgers saw a doctor earlier today and underwent tests to see how his fractured collarbone is healing. Obviously, he didn’t get the news we or he was hoping for.

Rodgers started practicing on a limited basis last week, so the fact that he’s still limited doesn’t bode fairly well for his chances of playing this week. Rodgers apparently said he planned to play, but the decision isn’t his alone.

Speaking on his radio show, Rodgers didn’t sound too happy about the situation.

“I saw the X-rays and scan,” Rodgers said of his broken left collarbone. “We’re now four weeks and one day from my fracture. I’ve made a lot of progress.  A lot of it is just the bone healing. Bone takes 3 to 6 weeks to heal. We all hoped we’d be on the short end of that.

“I trust Doc (Patrick) McKenzie. When I’m ready to play and everyone is on board, then I’m going to play. After we sat down Tuesday, I haven’t had that full clearance. I’m not ruling myself out. I know there’s a rush to get back out there. I feel it internally, but also externally. I desperately want to be out there, but it has to look good.”

McCarthy, meanwhile, went on to refute a report that the Packers were considering shutting Rodgers down for the season. The coach said Rodgers will play when he’s healthy enough to do so.

Matt Flynn is taking the starter’s reps in practice ahead of Scott Tolzien.