Jerome Simpson

File this one under Minnesota Vikings being Minnesota Vikings. Receiver Jerome Simpson was arrested early this morning for a DWI.

According to a jail spokesperson, Simpson refused a breathalyzer and was arrested on probable cause. Jail records show he was booked at 5:39 a.m. Saturday.

Simpson is on a 36-hour hold and that’s fine for the Vikings since they already played on Thursday night. It’s not fine for Simpson, though.

He’s already on probation for a felony drug charge from April 2012. So this probably means is going to be serving some more time if he’s found guilty.

Simpson was also suspended three games by the league for that incident. He’s likely to get a longer suspension for this one.

I never get why NFL players get arrested for drinking and driving. The league has a program that allows players to get a ride if they’re drunk, so you have to be pretty stupid to get arrested for DWI.

Then again, this is a Minnesota Vikings we’re talking about.

We here at Total Packers salute Jerome Simpson. Someone on the Vikings had to add to that league-leading arrest total. Good job, Jerome!