A.J. Jefferson

What do you think he did? I’ll give you one guess. That’s right, Minnesota Vikings cornerback A.J. Jefferson did what Minnesota Vikings players do after the team tied the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

He went home and got himself arrested.

I know what you’re thinking. Oh, he was out celebrating the tie, because that’s the best the Vikings can hope for right now, and he got pulled over for a DWI.

Nope. Something far more nefarious. Suspicion of beating up his old lady.

Or his old man. We don’t know how this dude rolls.

In any case, he’s suspected of beating up someone he bones.

And the next thing you know, the Vikings cut him. Because they don’t tolerate criminals on their team!

Oddly, they’ve had more criminals on their team than any other team in the NFL since 2000. Because criminals equal wins! Or something like that.

In any case, you know Jefferson is awful at football. He just got cut by the Vikings, who have probably the worst secondary in the NFL. And this guy couldn’t even get on the field. He had five tackles on the season and one pick.

Of course, that’s one more pick than starting cornerback Chris Cook has.

Remember, in these dark days, at least we’re not the Minnesota Vikings.