Aaron Rodgers goes down

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confirmed that he fractured his collarbone, but said there has been no timetable established for his return during his weekly radio show.

The good news is, it won’t require surgery.

“I have a fractured collarbone, and we have not talked at all – regardless of what’s been reported – we haven’t talked at all about a timetable or anything,” said Rodgers, adding that he was in “some pain” Tuesday afternoon. “We’re still going through the process of testing, but we do know that the collarbone is fractured and we still have not talked about or discussed any long-term prognosis.”

At this point, the Packers will let the injury heal and Rodgers expressed optimism that it will heal quickly.

In addition to how quickly the injury heals, the Packers and Rodgers will also make a determination on when he can play based on how much pain he can play in and how great the risk of reinjury is.

Rodgers tried to throw after the injury on Monday night and was in too much pain to continue. He ended up spending most of the game in street clothes.

“It’s the balance of pain tolerance and putting yourself at a greater risk. I’ve always dealt with the pain and put my body at risk – whether that’s playing with a knee condition that I had in high school and junior college and at Cal, or the various injuries we’ve had over the years,” Rodgers said. “We all deal with them, and it’s a matter of what you can play with from a pain-tolerance perspective and then also, we’re talking about bones. You can put yourself at greater risk for a worse injury if you go back out there. But I think most people know my personality and I’m going to try and be back as quick as I can.”

Although he didn’t exactly rule it out, it seems pretty clear Rodgers won’t play against Philadelphia this week. The only positive thing about that is that backup Seneca Wallace will get the majority of the reps in practice this week, so maybe the Packers can do more than dink and dunk in the passing game.