Ryan Pickett

The Green Bay Packers haven’t won a football game in a month, but defensive end Ryan Pickett still believes this team can win the Super Bowl this season.

Yes, you read that right.

“I think we have a group of guys who have the right attitude,” Pickett said. “Nobody’s feeling like it’s over. Everybody’s ready to get back to work and get out. We just have to get out of this hole. We can just imagine how it’s going to be when we get out of this hole.

“We’re going to talk about this one day — how we came back to win the Super Bowl. That’s how we all feel.”

That’s definitely the right attitude to have, but the suggestion that this team could win a Super Bowl this season seems somewhat preposterous.

Certainly not the way their defense has been playing. They can’t stop the run, they don’t create turnovers and they can’t get off the field when they need to.

Aaron Rodgers’ return from a broken collarbone, whenever that happens, can only go so far in masking the deficiencies of this Packers defense.

The Packers first order of business has to be winning the suddenly crappy-looking NFC North. The good news is they’re still just a half game out of first place.

If they beat Detroit this week and somehow the defense starts making plays or at least stops getting gouged on the ground, then maybe this is a playoff team.

Super Bowl team? These Packers aren’t in the same league as the Seattles and New Englands of the world right now.