David Ortiz

You may or may not have known that Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is a Green Bay Packers fan. His wife Tiffany is from Wisconsin, so there’s your reason.

Apparently the Ortizes spend some time in Wisconsin, too. And people in Wisconsin know their Packers. So what happens when you see a dude that looks like Big Papi walking around Wisconsin?

Apparently, some people assume he plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Ortiz was doing some press for SI on Tuesday on account of winning that World Series and bashing the shit out of the ball and all. Toward the end, he and his wife had this exchange with the interviewer.

SI.com: Can you go anywhere in Boston these days without a huge crowd?

Tiffany Ortiz: Pretty much no. At least not around Boston.

SI.com: How about back in Wisconsin?

Tiffany Ortiz: Yeah, it’s better there

David Ortiz: People don’t think I’m on the Vikings anymore.

SI.com: Was that a problem?

David Ortiz: It used to be. Everyone thought I played football.

I don’t know where Ortiz hangs out in Wisconsin, but his wife is from Kaukauna. Can you smell it already?

Anyway, that’s nowhere near Minneapolis. It’s just south of Green Bay, in fact. I could see if maybe they were in Eau Claire or something.

So that begs the question: who are these idiots?