Aaron Rodgers goes down

The Green Bay Packers dropped a 27-20 decision to the beat-up Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field on Monday night. There was that and the reason they dropped it — the primary one is that quarterback Aaron Rodgers left after the first series and didn’t return.
And some asshole beat writer suggested the Packers would be just fine without Rodgers earlier this week…
Without him, the Packers were left to rely on running Eddie Lacy against nine guys in the box, a little trickery and backup Seneca Wallace, who probably still doesn’t know half the playbook.
Oh, and a defense that looked like a shell of the defense that showed up for the Packers in recent week.
That shitstorm of a defense let Bears backup — because Jay Cutler didn’t even suit up for the game — Josh McCown throw for 272 yards and two touchdowns.
As usual, the Packers defensive backs couldn’t generate any turnovers. That’s been a season-long story. However, the Packers have been able to generate a pass rush, even without Clay Matthews… except in this game. They got one sack.
Pathetic. Dom Capers’ defensive scheme for this game was shit.
Unadulterated shit.
The Bears held a six-minute time of possession edge in the game, even though the Packers gained 28 more yards rushing. That’s because the Bears ran 20 more plays.
What was also pathetic and/or shit was the Packers inability to make tackles. They let Matt Forte run for 125 yards. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery dominated the Packers’ cornerbacks. When Forte wasn’t running through A.J. Hawk, Marshall and Jeffrey were running over the Packers’ secondary.
Morgan Burnett played maybe his worst game of the season. Tramon Williams, even though it was more because of his coverage issues, ditto. After Williams struggled early, we called for Casey Hayward and, of course, he didn’t do any better.
The Bears’ receivers were just too big and physical for the Packers’ defensive backs on Monday.
Those guys made McCown look like a superstar. Well, those guys and the Packers’ DBs.
Even though the Bears were playing run all day long, they still couldn’t stop Lacy, who ran for 150 yards and a touch. They couldn’t stop James Starks, either. He had 40 and a touch on just six carries.
The problem here was Seneca Wallace. He couldn’t do anything. The passing game was non-existent once Rodgers exited.
Wallace was 11-of-19 for 114 yards and a pick. That’s a terrible 6 yards per pass. He also took four sacks — several of which a guy who’s been in the league as long as Seneca Wallace has shouldn’t be taking.
Now, we get it. McCown was taking all the snaps for the Bears this week. He was prepared. Wallace was probably taking five here and five there. Not prepared.
That doesn’t take away from the fact that he looked terrible. Wallace was only able to complete short passes and he misfired on several passes badly, as well as making some awful decisions. Wallace legitimately could have had three picks on the night.
Matt Flynn was just cut by the Bills, but, oh….
Mike McCarthy likes his quarterback room. We forgot!
If Aaron Rodgers is out for an extended period of time, the Packers are fucked. And Eddie Lacy is probably injured, since they’ll have to hand him the ball 40 times a game.
A fucking embarrassment.