Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have an argument

And so are we. Mike McCarthy, with steam coming out of his ears, remarked about a certain issue that needed to be fixed after his Green Bay Packers lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

He didn’t go into detail.

On Monday, he did. The Packers’ fourth-quarter performance.

In short, it’s been shit all season.

When the Packers have been up, they’ve let teams storm back. In the last two games, they’ve let teams hold the ball and run out the clock.

In other words, the defense can’t make any plays and can’t get the hell off the field. When the Packers are up — when they have Aaron Rodgers — that doesn’t matter so much. When they’re down, as they have been against Chicago and Philly the past couple weeks, it’s magnified.

So, McCarthy said he was going to make some changes. Well, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to change the defense’s crappy fourth-quarter performance.

“What I’m disappointed in, and it’s gone on all year is our fourth-quarter performance,” said McCarthy, whose team is being outscored 83-46 in the fourth quarter at the season’s halfway point.

“We’re not playing our best football when it counts. I’m obviously frustrated with it. We’ll continue to, we don’t have a drill for it, particularly on Mondays, but it’s something we’ve been emphasizing and to see it happen again (Sunday) is obviously disappointing and frustrating.”

There’s really only two things we can point at here.

It’s either the scheme, which falls on defensive coordinator Dom Capers, or the personnel.

When you look at the latter aspect, the defense hasn’t played well at all in the past two weeks. In fact, it looks like everyone has regressed. You can start with the secondary and go right up to the defensive line.

Oh, we’re loaded in the secondary and the defensive line is the strength of the team! Well, no. At least not in the past two weeks.

It’s become clear that the Packers need to outscore teams and then hang on in order to win. This defense isn’t going to carry the day. That’s the way it’s always been as long as Ted Thompson has been in town and that’s the way it is this year.

It’s great how Ted is able to find undrafted guys who can play every year. In fact, I’d argue he’s the best in the business at that. But maybe it’s time to stock that defense with guys who can play right now and not three years from now.

You’d probably have to sign some free agents to do that, though.