Jermichael Finley

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley had spinal fusion surgery this week. Former Packers tight end and current radio talking head, Mark Chmura also said he didn’t think Finley would play ever again.

Well, Jermichael says otherwise and he’s also pissed off.

Earlier today, Finley sent out this tweet (and then apparently deleted it because it isn’t on his timeline anymore).

For All The Craziness That’s Going Around “I’m Not Done With The Game Of FootBall”. Thanks To “Dr. Mark Chumra” For The False Story.

He also sent this and didn’t delete it.

Anyway, of course Jermichael wants to play again. So did Nick Collins after having the same surgery, but the Packers never cleared him and subsequently released him.

That’s not to say Finley has no chance of playing. We really don’t know the severity of his injury. It was said before he had the surgery that it was merely a precautionary procedure.

Even if it wasn’t, guys have returned to the NFL after having their spine fused. Look no further than Petyon Manning, who’s playing at a pretty high level.

We probably really won’t know anything until sometime next season. Complicating matters is Finley’s contract situation. He doesn’t have one once this season ends and it seems doubtful anyone, including the Packers, are going to be quick to sign Finley during the offseason due to his uncertain future.