John Grant

We told you about these idiots after the Green Bay Packers lost to the Chicago Bears the other week.

They made a bet. He’s a Bears fan. She’s a Packers fan. They’re married. They live in a semi. Yeah…

Anyway, the loser of the bet would get the old stun gun treatment from the winner. We know how that turned out.


He locked her out of the their home — the semi — after the game. And then he threw her dog out of their home, which, yes, is the same semi. So she did what scorned broads do.

She called the cops. He got arrested.

But not for using the stun gun on her! Because she let him do that. Because owning a taser in Wisconsin without registering it is ILLEGAL!

Anyway, mission accomplished.

I kind of wish someone would have tasered me after that game. Or maybe jabbed a sharp knife in my neck. Anyway, here’s the video of these idiots.