So the Minnesota Vikings somehow managed to beat the Washington Redskins 34-27 on Thursday night.

I say somehow, because I don’t know how it happened. Because why would I watch a piece of shit game like that? I mean, Oregon was playing Stanford. Baylor was playing Oklahoma. The Lakers were playing the Rockets. The Galaxy was playing Real Salt Lake.

All of those things, even though only two of the games were even somewhat close, are infinitely more exciting than watching two awful NFL teams slog around in their awfulness for three hours.

From what I gather, it went something like this. Christian Ponder was just outstanding, as usual, and then he went out with a shoulder injury. Matt Cassell came in and finished off another Vikings victory…

Actually, Adrian Peterson had two touchdowns and the Vikings had four sacks of Bob Griffin, so that’s probably the best summary.

Where’s stud receiver Greg Jennings, you ask? Uh….

Well, Greg put up a solid three catches for 18 yards. He also freaked the fuck out at the end of the game. Why? Something to do with someone calling a time out.

Like I said, didn’t watch that piece of dog shit game. Nonetheless, Greg Jennings freaking out is funny and that’s really all you need to know.

Oh, and the Vikings are 2-7. They’ll surely be ripping off another seven straight wins to win the North. Just ask any Vikings fan.

Greg Jennings freaking out