Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn

I just don’t get it. I’ll be honest. I was drunk then. I’m drunk now. It still doesn’t make any sense. The Green Bay Packers tied the shitbag Minnesota Vikings at 26.

So I went and watched the game at a bar. Was pretty sure the Packers had no business in that game at all. Fourth quarter rolled around and the fucking Vikings tossed it away and let the Packers get back into it.

I didn’t even want to write this. Can you tell?

Scott Tolzien? Didn’t get it done. He was 7-of-17 for 98 yards in about three quarters. And then your savior Matt Flynn came in.

Flynn led the Packers back, mostly because they were playing the Vikings. And let’s remember, the Vikings start Christian Ponder at quarterback, so they’re jack shit, regardless.

Anyway, the Matt Flynn era began!

Without any practice reps, this guy came in and threw for 218 yards and a touch. Does Matty Flynn know the system? Can he sling the ball?

I think he goddam can!

Play that fucker!

In the meantime, the Packers’ defense still can’t get off the field.


Are you terrible?

Oh, really, you are?

I understand.

I’ll just get out of your way then.

If the Packers’ defense would have played during the game on Sunday, then we wouldn’t be talking about a tie. A tie to the Vikings. At home. The Minnesota fucking Vikings.

Let’s be honest. Matt Flynn was a badass. Eddie Lacy bossed it up, despite consistently facing eight in the box, with 110 yards. Jordy Nelson and James Jones caught balls, regardless of who was throwing the pass.

The Packers tied a joke of a football team because of their crap defense and their crap coaching.

Somehow, we’re still in it though.