Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn gets sacked for the safety

Even the things that went well for the Green Bay Packers couldn’t make up for the things that were terrible in a 40-10 loss to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

For once this season, the Packers actually created turnovers. They intercepted Matthew Stafford twice and recovered two Lions’ fumbles, but couldn’t do anything with the majority of those turnovers.

The Packers offense was anemic. They couldn’t run the ball — 16 yards on 10 carries — and they couldn’t pass the ball. Matt Flynn, a week after sparking the Packers in the second half against the Minnesota Vikings, had just 139 yards passing.

In total, the Packers had only 7 first downs. The Lions had 30.

The main issue, was the offensive line. The Lions defensive front dominated Green Bay up front. In addition to not allowing the Packers’ running game to get going, the Lions defense also had 7 sacks.

The Packers offensive line was a joke.

Maybe Josh Sitton should have kept his mouth shut.

The Packers defense wasn’t any better. Yes, there were the turnovers. However, the defense also gave up 563 yards to Detroit. The Lions ran almost 40 more plays than the Packers.

They couldn’t stop Calvin Johnson, who pretty much ran a slant pattern on everyone of his receptions. Johnson finished with 6 catches for 100 yards and a touchdown. Reggie Bush played an equally important part in torching the Packers D, piling up 182 yards in total offense.

The Packers defensive line was invisible again, but their two inside linebackers — A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones — played like a couple clowns. Sure, they racked up their usual team-leading tackle totals, but both of them were continuously blown off the ball.

The Packers have the worst inside linebacking tandem in the league.


Other than the turnovers, I have nothing good to point to in this game. And let’s face it, the Lions turn the ball over, so that wasn’t totally unexpected.

The Packers got outclassed from top to bottom on national televisions by the Detroit Fucking Lions.