Jason Pierre-Paul returns a pick against the Green Bay Packers

Man, that was terrible. Ugly game to watch and that’s because both of the teams playing really suck, it turns out. The Green Bay Packers have now been taken to the woodshed two weeks in a row by two teams from the worst division in football, the NFC East. The New York Giants did the honors on Sunday, beating the Packers 27-13.

The Packers largely lost for one reason. Quarterback Scott Tolzien threw three picks. One of those went directly to defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who returned the gift 24 yards in the fourth quarter to put the Giants up two touchdowns and essentially end the game.

Oddly, it was the same play call that Seneca Wallace threw an interception to Julius Peppers in the Packers loss to the Bears. So, maybe stop calling that fucking play, huh, Mike?

Other than the picks, Tolzien didn’t look that bad. He threw for 339 yards on the day and was accurate, especially with the deep ball. Jordy Nelson and Jarrett Boykin were the primary beneficiaries of that. Jordy had 8 for 117 and Boykin had 6 for 91.

Unfortunately, the Packers weren’t able to get anything on the ground against a stout Giants defensive line. Eddie Lacy finished with just 27 yards on 14 carries. That’s 1.9 per.

The offensive line was awful in the run game. They got no push whatsoever and Lacy was hit in the backfield almost every time he touched the ball, as evidenced by the Giants’ five tackles for loss (none of which were sacks).

Meanwhile, the Packers defense actually made some plays for a change. Tramon Williams had a pick and eight tackles. Apparently Tramon got the message about poor tackling because he was solid in this game. The Packers also got four sacks and Clay Matthews started showing signs of his old self.

Unfortunately, no one other than Tramon actually got the message about tackling. It was more of the same in that area — watching the opposing offensive players drag Green Bay defenders for five yards after initial contact or watching them just bounce off and keep running.

How many weeks does the coaching staff have to emphasize tackling before these idiots actually get it?

Another recurring theme was opposing receivers running wide open down the field. Again, Tramon had a decent day, but he’s about the only guy in the secondary who did. It certainly didn’t help that Sam Shields was a scratch, either.

Victor Cruz was the main guy to torch the Packers secondary, racking up 8 for 110. Hakeem Nicks and Rueben Randle certainly had their moments where they were running wide open too, though.

Ultimately, this all added up to the Giants maintaining a 10-minute time of possession advantage on the day. Oh, and that’s another recurring theme.

It’s what happens when you can’t run the ball and your defense can’t tackle anyone and get off the field. Case in point, the Giants were 2-for-2 on fourth down conversions.

The Packers lost to a bad team on Sunday. And that’s because the Packers are a bad team, right now.