Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers

Hey, everyone! How about that Green Bay Packers defense!? They’re fucking stout, right?

No. This is the same goddam defense the Packers have had for the last several years. Except for one difference. There are no playmakers. Zero.

And Clay Matthews with one hand doesn’t count.

That guy probably shouldn’t have even been on the field. He wasn’t effective. Made no impact. Couldn’t wrap anyone up because he was playing with club on his right hand.

A lot of people will want to blame this loss on the Packers offense, who had a backup of a backup quarterback playing most of the game. You shouldn’t do that. The Packers offense, although they didn’t score as much as they could have, did their job.

That backup of a backup, Scott Tolzien, wasn’t half bad. He threw for 280 yards after getting what? Five practice reps all week? It was the two picks that killed him.

Tolzien wasn’t terribly accurate, but he was good enough to win the game. The Packers offense did their job by controlling the clock and keeping the face-paced Philly offense off the field. Believe it or not, the Packers had almost a 10 minute time of possession advantage in this game.

So, back to the defense.

Let’s just say it. The Packers talk about how deep their secondary is all the time. Well, I’ve got news for you. The Packers’ secondary is shit.

Dog shit.

In the past two weeks, the Achilles heal of this team has shown itself. And it’s that unit.

Morgan Burnett — glad we gave him a contract extension — has regressed. Can’t tackle a 500-pound sow running around inside a pen.

M.D. Jennings — shouldn’t be in the NFL.

Davon House, and I hate to say it, go back to special teams. That guy got burned so badly today that I’d think about cutting him from the team tomorrow, if I were the general manger of the Packers.

Casey Hayward, I’m not sure what happened to you. Sophomore slump?

I could go on, but what the fuck is the point?

The Packers can outscore teams with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. When he’s not at the helm, they have to play some defense and clearly, they’re still not capable of doing that.

Yes, the offense has to do more regardless of who is QB1, but no one should be putting up 27 on the Packers in Lambeau Field.

It’s fucking shameful.