Aaron Rodgers goes down

Or I should say at least three weeks. While all the media jerkoffs were trying see who could piss the furthest after Aaron Rodgers got hurt in the Green Bay Packers loss to the Chicago Bears last night, there were all kinds of reports on what kind of injury Rodgers had.

First it was a separated shoulder. Then it was something with his elbow. Then it was his clavicle. Then it was his shoulder again. You know, because these guys are doctors.

Well today, the same morons are diagnosing how long Rodgers will be out. Adam Schefter says he’ll miss three weeks because he has a slight fracture in his collarbone.

Then you’ve got someone telling Ed Werder it doesn’t look good.

“It doesn’t look good,” A Packers source told ESPN’s Ed Werder on Tuesday. “This is the one we couldn’t afford to lose.”

Whatever the fuck that means.

So, we’re just going to assume Rodgers will miss at least three weeks, but he could miss more. Of course, the Packers haven’t run the full gamut of tests yet or made any announcement, so it’s fair to say everyone is just guessing right now.

In any case, the Packers will turn to Seneca Wallace and will have to add another quarterback to the active roster, since Wallace is currently the only healthy one.

The good news is, the Packers face three losing teams over the next three weeks and two of those games are at home. First up is 4-5 Philadelphia at Lambeau. Then to New York to face the 2-6 Giants. Then they return to Lambeau to face the 1-7 Vikings.

If the Packers can get through that stretch at 2-1 and then get Rodgers back for the Thanksgiving matchup with now division-leading Detroit the following week, they can probably still make something out of this season.

The assholes on defense will have to play better than they did last night to make that happen, though.