Seth Avett in Aaron Rodgers

Hey, Aaron Rodgers has nothing better to do! Yeah, anyway, the Avett Brothers played a show in Green Bay on Thursday at the Resch Center. And first of all, let me say this. I’ve never heard the Avett Brothers, but apparently they’re kind of a big deal in the indie rock world and I think it’s awesome that Green Bay now has a venue that draws acts like that.

I remember when the only venue in town for a concert was the Brown County Arena. And they drew country bumpkins and washed-up rockers. Yeah, I saw Travis Tritt and Nitty Gritty there in high school.

That was the one venue, minus that one time the Packers let Survivor play at Lambeau. Was I there? As a wee lad, you’re goddam right I was! Eye of the Tiger, fool!

Anyway, these Avett Brothers played Green Bay on Thursday night. And you know Aaron Rodgers is a big music fan, what with that music label and all.

So during the encore, the brothers came out in Rodgers’ jerseys. Oh, and QB1 just happened to be hanging out backstage. So of course he grabs a banjo and comes out and jams. Or at least he held a banjo and stood around on stage, much to the delight of the locals.

Yeah, we’re not exactly sure if he played that thing. He was on stage though!

It’s kind of like the time Poison was playing the Arena and who came out on stage? Don Majkowski.

Well, maybe not like that. As Kenny Powers would say, the audience goes ape shit, but Majkowski had previously competed in some NFL-sponsored talent competition where he sang and played Poison’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn.” And then when Poison was in town, the Majik Man came on stage and jammed with Bret Michaels on said song.

Aaron Rodgers is no Don Majkowski in that aspect. And let’s face it. I’m not exactly sure what the Avett Brothers sing, but I’m pretty certain I can say they are no Poison.

That’s a debate for another time, though.

Rodgers! Rocking! Or at least pretending to rock!

That photo above isn’t Rodgers, by the way. It’s Seth Avett in a Rodgers’ jersey.

More importantly, here’s the Majik Man’s favorite band at their best!