Nick Perry sacks Matthew Stafford

Yes, we’re a little late with our usual bitching and moaning about the Green Bay Packers due to a blown tire situation, but we’re here now! Packers 22, Detroit Lions 9.

The Lions were 3-1 coming into this game and riding high at the top of the division. Well, they’re still at the top of the division, but fuck the Detroit Lions.

They haven’t won in Wisconsin since 1991 and while we all thought they had a chance to win today, we were certain they didn’t have a chance as soon as it was announced that Calvin Johnson wasn’t playing. All the Packers had to do at that point was focus on Reggie Bush and they shut him the fuck down.

Detroit managed just 64 rushing yards and because Doughboy had no one to throw to, 286 total yards.

What’s this? The Packers defense stepped up and played like a bunch of bosses today?

Yes they did and it’s about fucking time.

Two words.

Morgan. Burnett.

He’s a difference maker. Or at least when compared to Jerron McMillian, he is.

The Packers defense also managed to sack Doughboy five times. Those came from Mike Neal, Clay Matthews, Brad Jones and Nick Perry — twice.

Nick Perry? Hello, Nick Perry! Thanks for showing up for once!

On offense, it was a lot of Eddie Lacy (99 yards rushing) and James Jones (127 receiving), plus some clutch catches by Jordy Nelson (87 yards).

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t particularly overwhelming, as evidenced by the snoozer of a first half this game was, but he got the job done and more importantly, rebounded from the turd of a game he had the last time out.

The tide is turning in the NFC North and the tide is green and gold.