Casey Hayward

The Green Bay Packers have a problem at cornerback, but it’s one of those good problems.

Too many talented guys, not enough slots to play them in.

Casey Hayward is about to come back from the hamstring injury that’s kept him out all season. Hayward practiced on Wednesday, which is the first time he’s done so since the season began. If he doesn’t return this week, he’s almost certain to be back next week.

But where do you put him?

Hayward was the Packers’ leading interceptor last season with six. He obviously has a knack for getting his hands on the ball.

That being said, both Davon House and rookie Micah Hyde have played well in Hayward’s absence. House has been covering the outside receiver in the nickel and Hyde was a beast against Baltimore.

We know Sam Shields isn’t going anywhere. Tramon Williams, meanwhile, has moved from the outside — and the Packers No. 1 corner — to the slot in the nickel.

When Hayward comes back, that means House, Hyde, Hayward or Williams is off the field in the nickel. Williams seems like the obvious option to sit, with House or Hyde on the outside and Hayward in the slot.

The upside of this is the Packers can replace Jerron McMillian with one of those guys in the dime.

Hayward is the ball hawk. Hyde is the sure tackler and a good blitzer. House is the physical guy you want on the outside receiver. Williams is the proven veteran.

If you’re Dom Capers, who do you want on the field?