Eddie Lacy

So the Green Bay Packers beat the Cleveland Browns today by a score of 31-13. Surprising. But not really…

The Browns have become known as the Factory of Sadness. They were looking competitive when Brian Hoyer was their quartetrback. Brian Hoyer was not their quarterback on Sunday. But Aaron Rodgers was the Packers quarterback.

The Packers didn’t really give a shit that they were down to just three receivers.

They came out and started winging the ball all over the field.

We all expected an early effort to run with Eddie Lacy.

No dice.

Lacy had a solid 82 yards on the ground, but he didn’t get the majority of those yards until the second half. At that point, the Packers had the game in control.

Like we said coming into this game, Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden was the key. And that’s only because he’s usually horrible.

He was horrible on this day too. Weeden was 17-of-42 for 149 yards. One touch, one pick.

He couldn’t move the Browns offense.

Meanwhile, Rodgers was hitting opportune throws. Lacy was making opportune runs. Can you remember the last time the Packers ran on 3rd and 5?

I doubt it.

This was a team we were supposed to beat and we beat them soundly.

First place in the NFC North? Bring it on!