Minnesota Vikings stadium

On Tuesday, the NFL announced three finalists to host Super Bowl LII, which is the 2018 game, and Minneapolis is among them. The others are New Orleans and Indianapolis.

You have to think Minneapolis is the favorite though. Teams that build new stadiums get Super Bowls and the Minnesota Vikings will have their shiny new Hormel Chili Dome done by then.

As evidence, this season’s Super Bowl is at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It’s a new stadium. The 2016 game will be San Francisco’s new Levi’s Stadium. And you all remember Super Bowl XLV in the newly-opened Jerry World. So, there’s a good chance Minneapolis is getting this game.

The city actually hosted the Super Bowl in 1992 and then the NFL realized that Minneapolis is filled with scum and vermin, that it’s freezing in February and, well, Metrodome. So, they came to their senses and started holding it in places people actually want to go to like Phoenix and New Orleans.

But again, new stadium.

So, we better just get down to looking at the pros and cons of this situation.


  • The rest of the world will get to see what ignorant assholes Minnesota Vikings fans are and you can’t put that cat back into the bag.
  • Vikings fans won’t be at the game anyway because you can’t afford Super Bowl tickets on McDonald’s wages.
  • Short drive/flight to watch the Green Bay Packers.
  • There are sure to be gift bags filled with Hormel Chili somewhere. Or probably troughs.


  • It’s going to be fucking freezing and also, you’ll be in Minneapolis.
  • Minneapolis hookers not exactly cream of the crop.
  • Anything the Minnesota Vikings are involved in is sure to turn to shit.
  • You’re sure to run into Vikings fans somewhere, although not at the game.

So, as you can see, it’s pretty even. Unless I’m missing something?