Joe Flacco

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is one of those guys. You know, who’s just a guy.

Yeah, he was named Super Bowl MVP, but when isn’t the quarterback of the winning team not named MVP? When he’s Trent Dilfer, Jim McMahon or Brett Favre. That’s when.

The point is, Flacco clearly isn’t in the class of the elite, like Brady, Manning and Brees.

So no one really thinks much of Flacco except the Baltimore Ravens, who threw $120 million at him in the offseason making him the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. Then, of course, the Green Bay Packers came along and gave Aaron Rodgers a bigger deal to make him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

And unlike Flacco, Rodgers is elite.

Because the Packers and the Ravens are matching up this week, the Baltimore media was prodding Rodgers about Flacco. “Hey, what do you think about Little Joey? Pretty elite, right? Huh? Huh?”

Rodgers didn’t quite go that far, but he did say everyone should respect Flacco because, what else is going to say?

“He’s a Super Bowl champ, so you’ve got to give him the respect,” Rodgers said. “He’s had my respect, but I think people in general need to give him the respect he deserves as a Super Bowl MVP. I was there to watch that game firsthand, and he made some incredible plays.”

So far this season, Flacco has thrown for 1,360 yards, which isn’t bad. He also has five touchdowns to eight picks, which is.

That’s pretty respectable stuff!