Dominic Raiola

So the Detroit Lions have apologized. Not publicly, mind you, but team president Tom Lewand called Wisconsin band director Mike Leckrone on Monday and offered his apology for Lions center Dominic Raiola’s verbal abuse of several band members on Sunday.

Raiola, of course, is too much of a turd to say anything, except if you’re a college kid. Then he’ll call you names.

“[Lewand] said that he hadn’t fully investigated but he knew enough that an apology was due,” Leckrone said. “I thought it was a heartfelt and welcomed gesture.”

The UW band was performing during the Green Bay Packers win over the Lions on Sunday. Several band members reported that the Lions center called them things ranging from fat to homophobic slurs.

And this from a guy that’s been in the league since 2002 and probably should know something about being a professional by now. Of course, Raiola has been fined by the Lions twice before for getting into it with fans.

Last week, he suggested that he’d like to get into it with the people who moon the Lions bus when they’re leaving Lambeau Field. So, in other words, he’s just stupid.

Appropriate that he’s a member of the Detroit Lions.