Micah Hyde

The Minnesota Vikings. A joke by NFL or most any other standards. Coming in at 1-5, a joke on Sunday night. The Green Bay Packers did not look past this joke of a team, a franchise, an organization… instead, giving the Vikings the beat down they deserved.

In the end, it was 41-31 and the Packers moved to 5-2, while dropping those shitstains to 1-6.

Season over for the Vikings.


The Vikings returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, which probably gave them some hope.

Of course, idiots started talking shit right there and then. My response was this: not worried. And none of us needed to be worried. We just needed to wait for the offenses to get on the field.

The Packers’ offense didn’t disappoint.

Aaron Rodgers — he’s a motherfuckin’ surgeon! Cuttin’ up that defense and pulling out their heart!

Rodgers threw for 285 and two touchdowns. He was 24-of-29. Most impressively, he threw passes that nobody had any business throwing and completed them anyway.

Rodgers threw two balls to Jordy Nelson, one of which was a TD, that shouldn’t have been thrown… unless you’re Aaron Rodgers. Here’s a window the size of a mouse hole.


Jordy had seven for 123 and two touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Eddie Lacy pounded for some tough yards on the ground.

Even though the Packers said Lacy was going to share carries with James Starks — and Starks had seven for 57 and a touch — Lacy carried the load. He finished with 29 carries for 94 yards and a touchdown.

That allowed the Packers to control the time of possession by a large margin — 40:54 to 19:06.

Defensively, the Packers held Adrian Peterson to 60 yards. Oh, and they held that prick Greg Jennings to one catch for nine yards.

Totally worth $45 million.

Wonderboy, Christian Ponder threw for just 145 yards.

Mike Daniels continued to impress with two sacks and Jamari Lattimore added another.

Otherwise, Micah Hyde.

Hyde went 93 with punt return late in the second quarter. For all intents and purposes, that demoralized the Vikings and gave the Packers the game.

Micah Hyde is a fucking boss.

The Green Bay Packers — they’ve proven they can win regardless. Because they’re a collection of bosses.

Kings of the castle! Kings of the division!

And fuck the Vikings!