Sad Christian Ponder

We never saw this coming. Oh… wait… yeah we did. The Minnesota Vikings appear to have moved on from Christian Ponder as their starting quarterback, much to the dismay of Christian Ponder.

Sad Christian Ponder.

The writing was kind of on the wall when the Queens signed Tampa castoff Josh Freeman. And well, Ponder got another pretty clear message on Thursday. Wonderboy missed the Vikings’ last game because of a rib injury and Kansas City castoff Matt Cassell led the Queens to victory.

Now Ponder says he’s been cleared to play… but the Queens are going to start Cassel¬†anyway. Chiefs legend Matt Cassel!

“Some of the dynamics of this organization have changed obviously with brining in Josh [Freeman],” Ponder said. “I would be lying if I didn’t say it was a little bit disappointing and frustrating.”

We feel your frustration, Christian. The Queens might actually have a chance to win with Cassel. And when Freeman learns the offense and he takes over as the starter, hell, the Queens might actually be legit!

No one wants that! Well, except for idiot Queens fans, but their ignorance is well established and hence, their desires are irrelevant.

For the record, Ponder has two touchdowns to five picks this year.

The funny thing is, Queens coach Leslie Frazier has been openly supportive of Ponder. Even when they brought in Freeman he said Ponder was his starter.

In fact, word out of Minnesota is Frazier wasn’t in favor of bringing in Freeman at all. That’s obviously because he doesn’t care about winning, but that’s beside the point.

Meanwhile, the players on the Queens offense have been talking up Cassell, saying how he has more command of the huddle and so forth. Chief among those is Queen Bee, Greg Jennings, but that’s probably only because Cassell throws the ball to Jennings. And we’re all well aware that Greg Jennings is only concerned about two things: 1. Greg Jennings’ stats and, 2. Greg Jennings’ money.

Stalk success, buddy!

On Thursday, Frazier declined to name a starter for Sunday, but Ponder told everyone that he was told it wouldn’t be him.

“It’s not an open competition, but I just want to make sure we’re doing the right thing,” Frazier said. “We’ll go through practice tomorrow and see where those guys are.”

Gotta love the dysfunction that is the Minnesota Vikings.

On a positive note for Sad Christian Ponder, he still has a hot wife. Although I can no longer look at her because she’s married to a Viking.