Randall Cobb injury

You probably noticed Aaron Rodgers getting into it with Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam in Sunday’s Green Bay Packers victory.

The incident occurred after Randall Cobb’s knee injury. On the play, Elam went low to make the tackle and ultimately put his helmet on Cobb’s knee.

Although the play was legal, Rodgers took exception with it and let Elam know.

“I think a lot of us saw the hit on Dustin Keller,” Rodgers said. “I just felt like (Elam) had enough time to make a hit in the legal hitting zone.”

Keller, who plays for Miami, blew out his knee on a similar hit last month. He’s done for the season, but Cobb’s injury doesn’t appear to be as serious.

“(Ravens safety James Ihedigbo) came over and made actually a very knowledgeable point – which I appreciated a little intelligent banter back and forth – about some of the issues defensive players have to deal with with the target area,” Rodgers said. “I totally understand that and get that. I just felt like, from my vantage point, (Elam) had plenty of time to not take out a guy’s legs in that situation. I think he could have hit in the proper hitting zone, and that’s what I told him.”

Well, there’s probably a debate here. What Elam did wasn’t illegal and we get it. Defensive players want to stay away from the head so they don’t get penalized and fined.

At the same time, going at a guy’s knees is the quickest way to end his season.

Elam probably could have hit Cobb higher on this particular play, but the way the rules are written, he doesn’t have too.