Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

So, Aaron Rodgers was back to his usual self on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, throwing for 260 yards, three touchdowns and no picks. That’s good news for Brett Favre.

The former Green Bay Packers gunslinger and Minnesota Vikings all-time greatest player was on NFL Network on Sunday morning because, hey, what does it feel like to go back and play your old team? Some guy named Peyton Manning did that on Sunday night.

Favre was talking about that, but he was also heaping praise on Aaron Rodgers. And it turns out, Favre has Rodgers in his fantasy league.

“It is true. And I have 27 minutes left to set my team,” Favre said just after 12:30 p.m. ET. “Aaron is my quarterback. And he’s usually guaranteed to get me about 30 points. First week I think he got me about 45. … He’s been good.”

While those point estimates might be a little off, Favre is obviously trying to continue to endear himself to Green Bay Packers fans. And honestly, he’s doing a fine job of it.

Do we love Favre again? Not really.

Minnesota Vikings.

But hey, keep at it.

Favre also talked about coming back to Lambeau Field while he was with those shitbags.

“After all the years I played football, and had been fortunate enough to play in two Super Bowls, you’d think I wouldn’t be as nervous,” Favre told NFL Network. “That game by far was the most nervous I’d been in my career.”

And of course he went out and tore it up.

If we’re going to remember a Favre game where he tore it up after facing adversity, let’s remember that Raiders game after his old man died. Am I right?

Slingin’ guns. The gunslinger. That motherfucker.