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Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders

Yes, cheerleaders. The Minnesota Vikings have cheerleaders, you say?

Of course they do. Those fucking pussies play a dome. The Humpty Dump. These bitches are going to be cold when the Queens play next season at TCF Bank Stadium, though.

Ironically, the cheerleaders are not called The Queens. They’re called the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders because, well, that’s the best they could come up with over there.

So, you’re probably thinking, are any of these chicks even hot? Yeah, some of them actually are. Fucking amazing, right?

I know!

I mean, they’re not L.A. 10s or anything. None of them would make the Laker Girls. But hell, they must be at least 40s in Minnesota.

Now, why would a hot chick want to be a cheerleader for a joke like the Minnesota Vikings? I can only guess because of self esteem or daddy issues. You know, the same reasons chicks end up in porn.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

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