Minnesota Vikings princess Kendall

It wouldn’t be football season if Minnesota Vikings fans weren’t bitching about something. This is Kendall. She’s a Fox Sports North girl and unabashed Minnesota Vikings princess.

Do you get Fox Sports North in Wisconsin? I hope not.

My guess is it’s reserved for the part of the country no one cares about, namely Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Montana… whatever.

Anyway, this broad hates Green Bay Packers fans and our insufferable winning.

“I grew up on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and the rivalry is pretty epic. I once had a fully loaded hotdog chucked at my head during a game. Enough said.”

Alright. Which one of you threw the dog?

Don’t worry, Packers fans pale in comparison when it comes to San Francisco 49ers fans, and San Francisco fans in general, when it comes to throwing things. The last time I saw the Packers play the 49ers at Candlestick Park, some idiot threw a beer at me. And then there’s Giants fans, who like to get stabby with Dodgers fans.

And here we thought the hoods lived in Oakland.

Anyway, this dizzy broad. She’s alright looking, although obviously vacant in the head. A little thick in the thighs maybe.

Minnesota Vikings princess Kendall

And here’s the full slate of Fox Sports North girls…

Fox Sports North girls

Yeah, they’re alright… for chicks from Minnesota.

I don’t think they hold a candle to the Fox Sports Wisconsin girls, though.

Fox Sports Wisconsin girls