Seneca Wallace

And that role is apparently to shut the F up and be the backup quarterback. That’s what we got from both Seneca Wallace, who the Green Bay Packers signed on Monday, and coach Mike McCarthy.

Surprisingly, McCarthy also says Wallace will be ready to play on Sunday, although I know we’re all hoping that won’t be necessary.

“Seneca Wallace has been in the league 11 years,” coach Mike McCarthy said Monday. “He’s been a backup quarterback primarily his whole career. He clearly understands the role, has a lot of experience in and out of systems. Just talking football with him last night, I felt confident that he’ll be ready to play Sunday. That was part of our conversation.”

Part of Wallace’s role will be help prepare Aaron Rodgers and as a career backup, he should be more equipped to do that than Vince Young, a former starter, or youngsters like Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman. Much more equipped than Coleman, we’d say.

“I’m here, just providing my insight as far as a veteran goes,” Wallace said in the locker room. “I think it’s been some years since they had a veteran quarterback backup to try to help A-Rod during the game and during the meetings and things like that. Just some of the insight that I can provide being around for a long time.”

As McCarthy mentioned, Wallace has survived in the league for 11 years. During that time he’s compiled a 6-13 record as a starter. Of course, he’s played for some pretty bad teams, including the Cleveland Browns and Wallace’s biggest attribute appears that he’s not terribly mistake prone.

Wallace has 31 TDs versus 18 picks in his career. Game manager might be the best way to describe him, which means the Packers defense is going to have to be pretty stout if the team is going to win any games without Rodgers.

Knock on wood they won’t have to.