Brett Favre

I know a few people this will make reeeeeeeeaaaaaaal happy. People in Wisconsin are starting to like former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre — also known as the Minnesota Vikings all-time greatest player — again.

Public Policy Polling says 50 percent of people in Wisconsin have a positive opinion of Favre, while 28 percent have a negative opinion. That’s quite the difference from when Favre was a Queen.

Then, 26 percent of people in Wisconsin had a favorable opinion of him versus 55 percent negative, according to TMJ4.

So, you’re probably wondering who the fuck Public Policy Polling is. Well, they’ve been lauded by both NPR and the Wall Street Journal, so they’re pretty legit.

This was all pretty predictable. Once Favre retired he started trying to get back in the good graces of the Packers and the fans. More recently, he’s ratcheted up those efforts, starting with his appearance with Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors in February. He also admitted fault for his part in the divorce from the Packers.

So, all is forgiven… for some people.

PPP also looked at Aaron Rodgers favorability. Favorable: 77 percent. Not favorable: 7 percent.

We can only guess that that 7 percent is made up of scumbag Vikings and Bears fans who have somehow penetrated the border.