Packers throwback uniforms

The Green Bay Packers will be busting out their throwback uniforms this season on October 20, when they play the Cleveland Browns.

These will be the blue jerseys with the yellow circle in the middle that contains the number. They also have tan pants and are designed after the Packers 1929 uniforms.

What they won’t be having this season is the usual brown helmet. The helmet has traditionally been brown because guys wore leather helmets in 1929. Well, that’s a no go because the NFL has some strange rule about helmets now.

What and why is that rule?

Well, we just don’t know, dude.

It has something to do with player safety, though. Safer to use the same helmet all season or something.

Instead, the Packers will wear their regular yellow helmets, but without any of the decals on them — no G, no stripe. So that’s going to look like this.

And how appropriate that the Packers will playing the Browns while wearing their throwbacks. They’ve obviously given up on the season by trading Trent Richardson to the Colts yesterday, so their offense should look like it’s stuck in 1929 for the rest of the year.