Aaron Rodgers: sucking

The Green Bay Packers should have rolled into Cincinnati and worked the Bengals and they did… except for those four turnovers. The Packers dropped an infuriating 34-30 decision to a lesser team on Sunday.

First of all, Aaron Rodgers must have been reading his own press clippings last week. “Oh! Aaron! You’re so fucking awesome! You are the greatest ever! You can do no wrong!”

That obviously went to Aaron’s head because he shit the fucking bed like he’s never shit the bed before against the Bengals on Sunday. Rodgers threw for 244 yards, but tossed two picks to his one touchdown.

The stats don’t tell the story though. Rodgers was off all day and more importantly, when he needed to make a play he was too busy shitting the bed.

Let’s be honest, though. The game changed on one play.

Getting his first action of the year, running back Johnathan Franklin was awesome. He ran for 103 yards on just 13 carries. However, his fourth-quarter fumble on a 4th-and-1 run, which the Bengals returned for a touchdown, changed the game. It was ultimately the nail in the Packers’ coffin since Rodgers couldn’t do anything.

We’re not blaming Franklin, though.

The Packers needed six inches on the play. Run the fucking quarterback sneak you fucking buffoon!

Put it in the hands of a rookie running back who hasn’t played all season?

Brilliant fucking move, Mike!

The Packers defense did all they could to win this game, creating six turnovers. Sam Shields was a killer, shutting down Bengals star receiver A.J. Green for most of the day. Clay Matthews was a monster… at least until he went to the sidelines with — guess what — a fucking hamstring injury.

The Packers and their shitty training staff now lead the league in hamstring injuries.

Good job.

Ultimately, the Packers gave up the ball too many times — four in all — and Rodgers was too shitty to make up for that.

That’s how bad Aaron Rodgers was on Sunday.

The good news is the Packers roll into a bye in week four. They should return safety Morgan Burnett, cornerback Casey Hayward and a bunch of other guys after the off week.

Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers comes back as well. The impostor that was playing quarterback for the Packers on Sunday isn’t going to win any games for Green Bay this season.