Aaron Rodgers is not please

We told you about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ record in games decided by four or fewer points earlier in the week. It isn’t good — he’s 5-17.

What’s more depressing is the fact that both Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez have more wins than Rodgers in the same scenario. That first guy hasn’t started a game since 2011 and probably never will again.

Well, the Press-Gazette’s Mike Vandermause pays no mind to those numbers. Because he needs to stroke the players that he covers so they’ll give him interviews.

Here’s his argument that Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy are good in close games.

In games decided by 7 points or fewer, which by most anyone’s estimation would be considered close, McCarthy’s record climbs dramatically to 27-27, including 3-2 in the playoffs. Rodgers’ overall record in games decided by a touchdown or less jumps to 18-21, which includes a 3-1 mark in the postseason.

Okay, great. But 27-27 is a .500 record. That’s the definition of average.

And 18-21 is still a losing record. Would anyone label a guy with a losing record in games decided by seven or fewer points clutch? Well, probably no one except for Vandermause.

He goes on to point out Rodgers’ overall record and then blame the defense.

Rodgers has a 58-31 career record (.652) as a starter. There have been seven times during that span in which he helped put the Packers ahead in the fourth quarter, only to see the defense give up the lead and lose those games.

To me, that just epitomizes what we said earlier in the week. The Packers are dependent on getting out to a big early lead and then holding on. Because they can’t come from behind!

Look, no one is saying Rodgers is a bad quarterback. He’s a great quarterback. He’s not necessarily the guy you want at the helm for a potential fourth quarter game-winning drive, though.

That’s not to say he can’t quarterback the Packers. He’s just not Joe Montana when it comes to finishing the game.

Rodgers is always the first guy to say — even after a great game — there’s stuff I/we need to clean up. Rodgers needs to get better at finishing, as do the Packers as a whole.

And if Big Ted surrounded Rodgers with some better players — *cough* offensive line *cough* — maybe both he and McCarthy would have a better record of doing so.