Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews sack Colin Kaepernick

The Green Bay Packers dropped a disappointing 34-28 decision at the San Francisco 49ers to start the 2013 NFL season. While that sucks — especially because the Packers had every chance to win — it’s not really as bad as it looks.

And we’re usually the first ones to panic.

But let’s break this down. As we suspected, the Packers offensive line sucks. They couldn’t establish any sort of running game, primarily because of that line. The Packers averaged a pathetic 2.6 per carry. On every decent run they had, someone was holding — usually Josh Sitton.

Good job, dick.

Aaron Rodgers was his usual self, going 21-of-37 for 333 yards, 3 TDs and a pick, but that pick wasn’t his fault. The ball went right through Jermichael Finley’s hands. Finley played like a man, minus that mistake, catching 5 for 56 and a touchdown.

Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb were as advertised. Nelson had 7 for 130 and a touchdown, including a beautiful sideline catch in the fourth quarter. Cobb had 7 for 108 and a touchdown.

The real reason the Packers lost was because they couldn’t contain Colin Kaepernick. And not the way they couldn’t contain him in the playoffs. Kaepernick didn’t run all over the Packers defense. In fact, the Packers looked like a whole different team from the last time we saw them.

They limited San Francisco to just 90 yards rushing. Frank Gore averaged just 2.1 per carry and Kaepernick only ran for 22 yards.

The problem was Kaepernick passing. Primarily Kaepernick passing to Anquan Boldin.

Kaepernick threw for 412 yards and three touchdowns. Boldin had 208 yards receiving and one touchdown.


The Packers safeties are terrible.

M.D. Jennings and Jerron McMillian started because Morgan Burnett sat out with a hamstring injury. McMillian couldn’t cover anyone.

No one.

Normally, it would be Burnett and Jennings, with Burnett covering up some of Jennings’ mistakes.

Jennings wasn’t much better that McMillian and the Packers, inexplicably, used Jarrett Bush ahead of Davon House in the dime. Call those guys the terrible threesome.

The good news is, we expect Burnett to be back next week. We also expect the Packers to continue to play the physical brand of defense they did on Sunday.

What? The Packers defense, physical?


B.J. Raji was a force against the run. Clay Matthews was, seemingly, a new and improved and more pissed off Clay Matthews. Eight tackles, a sack and three of those tackles went for a loss.

You also saw when Matthews took Kaepernick out of bounds and body slammed that fuckface.

Yeah, it resulted in a penalty, but that’s a dude who’s got some fucking attitude. Not since Charles Martin, my friends.

That’s what I’m talking about. The Packers lost, but at least they showed they’re not a bunch of pussies anymore.