Aaron Rodgers: sucking

The Green Bay Packers dropped a disgusting 34-30 decision to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to fall to 1-2. Here’s what we think in the aftermath.

The Packers go as Aaron Rodgers goes.
Rodgers had his worst game in… longer than we can remember. Maybe ever. Rodgers threw two interceptions and misfired on plenty more throws. The Packers should have won this game in a blowout, with the defense creating four turnovers, but Rodgers gave it back. When Rodgers isn’t on, the Packers are nothing more than a mediocre team.

We don’t like talking about punters, but we’re going to talk about Tim Masthay.
Is this dude awesome or what? Three punts, all inside the 20. Masthay averaged 43.3 per kick on Sunday, while continuing to handle kickoffs. He’s been solid all season and he even gets in there and makes a tackle once in a while. Masthay just might be the Packers MVP at this point.

The problem is Jeremy Ross.
Earlier in the week, special teams coach Shawn Slocum said Jeremy Ross wasn’t the problem with the Packers ineffectual return game. It was the guys in front of him. Well, on Sunday Ross was the problem. He lost the first kick he handled and that led directly to Cincinnati establishing a quick 14-point lead. On the day, two returns, 21 yards. Not good.

Mike McCarthy, you buffoon.
We still don’t get the call to hand the ball to Johnathan Franklin on four-and-1 in the fourth quarter. Franklin had no lead blocker on the play, so best-case scenario, he was probably going to get hit in the backfield. If you’re going for it, run the QB sneak. The Packers needed only about six inches. Otherwise, put up the three. A field goal would have given the Packers a six-point lead. Instead, Franklin fumbles and the Bengals return it for the TD to go up four. The play call made no sense and that’s on McCarthy.

What changes after the bye?
The Packers are off next week. When they return they should finally have some guys back on the field. Among those will be Morgan Burnett, Casey Hayward, John Kuhn and Clay Matthews. We know the defense should be stronger and that should help the Packers build on yesterday’s performance. So, although the Packers are 1-2, there’s probably no need to panic just yet.