Clay Matthews strips Andy Dalton

Clay Matthews missed the second half of Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury… because everyone on the Green Bay Packers has a hamstring injury.

However, the injury doesn’t appear to be serious even though Matthews injures his hamstring every season. After the game, he said sitting out was more preventative than anything.

“I’ll be good. I think today was more of a preventive measure than anything,” said Matthews, who missed four games last year due to his hamstring. “I felt like I could go back out there, but we have to be smart, especially going into a bye week. I don’t see myself missing any time. We have Detroit coming back and I’ll be out there.”

The question is if he could have gone back out there, why didn’t he? I get that the Packers don’t want to risk long-term injury, but the defense was clearly not the same without Matthews on the field.

Matthews forced two fumbles in the first half and was playing like a man on fire. The other two guys — Nick Perry and Mike Neal — were pretty much invisible.