Packers linebacker Clay Matthews' sack dance

Well, this should clear it up. Some people, namely San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, have called Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews a dirty player after he slammed down Colin Kaepernick out of bounds last Sunday.

Coach Mike McCarthy came to Matthews’ defense earlier this week and then refused to get into a war of words with Harbaugh. Today, Matthews himself addressed the dirty player assertion.

“I’m an awesome player, not a dirty player,” Matthews said Thursday in the locker room.

And then he flipped his hair back and strolled out of the locker room with a broad on each arm. Actually, we made that last part up.

However, Matthews’ response is, in a word, awesome.

Matthews was also asked if he had been fined or expected to be for the late hit, which led to sideline melee, but he declined to address the subject.

Matthews, like the rest of us, seems to want to move on from the 49ers game and the late hit that we’ve been forced to talk about all week. Not your local media, though! They’re going to pound this fucker into the ground!

In our estimation, Matthews handled it about as perfectly as he could have.