Chris Banjo

Safety Chris Banjo was one of the surprises of training camp for the Green Bay Packers. Now, due to Jerron McMillian’s terrible play in the season opener, the undrafted rookie just might be seeing some time on defense.

With Morgan Burnett sitting out with a hamstring injury, the Packers safeties — McMillian in particular — were burned by San Francisco’s aerial attack in week 1.

According to ProFootballFocus, via ESPN, McMillian allowed six catches for 57 yards and had four missed tackles. Even more telling, is the 49ers targeted McMillian six times. So, basically, if you want to complete a pass against the Packers, throw to the guy Jerron McMillian is covering.

The other starter in week 1, M.D. Jennings, was slightly less terrible, allowing three catches for 39 yards and he didn’t miss any tackles.

Obviously, the Packers would like Burnett back in the starting lineup. He practiced Wednesday on a limited basis, that’s no guarantee that he’ll play. Burnett also practiced last week, but the injury flared up late in the week.

In any case, it looks like Banjo will be taking some snaps away from McMillian.

“Banjo was up last week, so we’re getting the guys that are healthy ready to play,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “As for what, if or when his opportunity comes, that’s what the games are for. We’re definitely getting him ready.”

This could be quite the opportunity for a guy who was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars just before training camp. Yeah, the worst team in the fucking league cut this guy and he’s now on the Packers roster.

Banjo made the most of his second chance in Green Bay, though. He was a terror in the preseason and, granted, he was playing against second and third-team guys, but he looked dominant against those guys.

What will he look like against first-team guys? Probably like an undrafted rookie, but then, he couldn’t really look any worse than McMillian did in the same situation.

That guy is starting to look like another Ted Thompson draft bust.