Chicago Bears fans

Ah, the Chicago Bears fan. A sight to behold. Equal parts meathead, faded dreams and delusion. How long ago was 1985? It was a long time ago.

That doesn’t mean Chicago Bears fans’ fervor for their team is any less, especially at this time of year. You know, before they’re out of the playoff picture.

And much like Green Bay Packers fans, Chicago Bears fans are everywhere, apparently. Like in the redneck paradise that is Sarasota, Florida, for example.

Thanks to reader Matt, we know that there is a Chicago Bears bar in Sarasota called Siesta Key Oyster Bar. More importantly, they’ve made themselves a totally rad commercial.

It says this here is a Chicago Bears bar, Green Bay Packers fans are not welcome, we have 20 TVs, 20!, and we are a bunch of thugs who like to jam people’s heads in toilets when we’re getting beat (especially by the Packers). So, like, always.

Oh, and they have cameras in their bathrooms, presumably so they can jerk off to women peeing.

Check out this piece of work. It may be the most accurate depiction of a Chicago Bears fan we’ve ever seen.