Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun

We don’t know if Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and disgraced Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun still have a relationship of any kind, but we do know they no longer have a business relationship.

That’s because SURG Restaurant Group, the company that operates 8-Twelve MVP Bar & Grill in Milwaukee, has severed its relationship with Braun. The relationship with Rodgers will continue and the company plans to rebrand 8-Twelve and a sister restaurant scheduled to open this fall.

So how the hell can they take Braun’s name off a restaurant he supposedly owned? Well, ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported that Braun and Rodgers likely don’t have any actual ownership in these joints. They’re just getting paid so SURG can use their names. A licensing deal, in other words — one that’s now over for Braun.

That’s probably a relief to Rodgers, who said he was disappointed that Braun lied to him about using PEDs. Nobody wants to be associated with a liar and a cheater.

In other Ryan Braun news, the dude has actually been calling Brewers ticket holders and apologizing. Awkward!

So now, onto more important things. What should they call Rodgers’ restaurants? Leave your suggestion in the comments. We’ll pull out the best ones and run a contest and give the winner some Packers swag.