Brett Favre

Say you don’t have enough Brett Favre in your life? Well, if the NFL Network has its way, that problem will soon be solved.

The Network is trying to get Brett Favre to be a regular so he can deliver his homespun homespunniness to you on a regular basis.

“I am trying all the time,” NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger said. “He likes his life, but we will always find ways to bring him on … When it feels right for him, he will do it.” Weinberger said he would like Favre to have a permanent role but added “it’s not going to happen right now.”


Favre was on the Network during Super Bowl week and he also one time did color for a Southern Miss football game. But NFL Network is a perfect place for Favre, isn’t it?

They already employ clowns like Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin. Oh, and a few guys Favre knows from his playing days with the Green Bay Packers — Steve Mariucci, Sterling Sharpe and Darren Sharper.

It’s like getting the band back together!

This is surely going to happen at some point and you know you can’t wait.