Tom Pelissero, you hack

You all remember Tom Pelissero. Or maybe you don’t… He really isn’t that memorable.

However, he did write for the Green Bay Press-Gazette (and that paper in Eau Claire before that) for a time, where he covered the Green Bay Packers. Then he jumped to in Minneapolis, where he covered the Minnesota Vikings.

Then he left that job for one at USA Today Sports to cover the NFL. It appears he’s still a hack Vikings homer though.

What you’re seeing above is from the Green Bay Packers Season Preview put out by USA Today. My friend’s dad flew in from Wisconsin last night and brought it with him.

The photo is from the section where all of the writers choose who’s going to win each division, the Super Bowl, offensive player of the year, etc.

NFC North? Why, across the board for the Green Bay Packers, of course!

Oh, wait. Not Tom Pelissero.

Pelissero, who lives in Minneapolis, is drinking that Vikings Kool-Aid and he’s drinking it in a huge glass!

Maybe his prediction of the Vikings as the NFC North champs will come true and he’ll look like a genius… hahahahahahahaha! Vikings! NFC North champs! hahahahahahaha!

Delusion. You can get a license for it if you live in Minnesota.