Packers running back DuJuan Harris

The Green Bay Packers suffered a number of injuries to significant players in their loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Friday night. Here’s what we know so far.

Running back DuJuan Harris re-injured his knee after getting hit hard on second-quarter screen pass. He had an ice bag on it after the game, but it doesn’t seem like the injury is going to be serious.

Cornerback Casey Hayward might be another story. Hayward came up with a pick Friday night, but he also re-injured his hamstring. The initial injury kept him out of the first two preseason games and now you have to wonder if he didn’t rush it to get back for game three.

Safety Morgan Burnett falls into the same category as Hayward — hamstring injury. There’s good news here, though. It was initially thought the injury might be serious, but Ian Rapoport says Burnett left the game only as a precaution.

Inside linebacker Brad Jones completes the trifecta. He also suffered a hamstring injury, but we know the least about this one. Jones was having a hell of a game before he got hurt. After, Robert Francois took his place and appears to have earned the top backup inside linebacker job.

Of all these injuries, Jones is probably the most concerning. It doesn’t sound like Burnett or Harris will be out long and the Packers have plenty of cornerbacks who can fill in for Hayward.