That Crappy Game Cost Davon House his Spot

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Davon House

Davon House

Back when we were singling out guys for playing like crap in the Green Bay Packers loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Friday, cornerback Davon House was right behind backup QB Graham Harrell on that list.

House gave up the Cards’ first touchdown, a 38-yarder to Andre Roberts. He followed that by allowing a 36-yard completion to Charles Hawkins, where he was totally out of position, and an 18-yard completion to Michael Floyd. He did all this in only 16 total plays. So imagine if he played the whole game.

House started Friday’s game with Sam Shields, as both Tramon Williams and Casey Hayward were out because of injury. If this week’s practice is any indication, he won’t be starting Saturday’s game if both those guys remain out. Rookie Micah Hyde is lining up ahead of House in practice this week.

House knows he sucked holy hell too, calling the game hands down the worst of his career.

“I had a horrible game,” House said. “In preseason, the best players that compete in the preseason should play, and Micah had a better game than me. I did horrible, so that’s what I get for being bad.”

A year after impressing early in camp and earning the inside track for the starting spot opposite Williams, it now looks like House might have trouble making the roster. House got injured in the first preseason game last year and by the time he returned, Shields was entrenched as the starter and Hayward as the nickel back.

Those three guys will likely all be on the roster again this year (Hayward and Shields are more or less locks) and now Hyde looks like a good shot to make it as well. Even if House sticks around, he’ll need to pick it up if he’s going to get any playing time at all.

I can’t remember a time when the Packers used a defense that employed five cornerbacks on the field at once.

Three more preseason games to go, though. Still time to make a move. And still time for someone to get hurt.

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16 Comments on "That Crappy Game Cost Davon House his Spot"

  1. #GetItRightRoger

    Wow, I’ve never seen you give up on a player like this yet. Might have trouble making the roster? Even if House sticks around?

    Shirley you can’t be serious…

  2. the real russ letlow

    House fessed up that he played like crap and got demoted too – great motivation for any competitive person. Lets hope he gets all his turds in one bag in a hurry…..

  3. TyKo Steamboat

    This guy looks the part. Nice having a tall corner that’s not afraid to tackle too…

    He played well in the 1st six weeks before the shoulder injury last season.

    I think he will be a real player in Green & Gold.

  4. Phatgzus

    Packers play rhe Quarter defense which employs 7 DBs, they use it rarely but they still use it. Additionally, they need backup DBs and House is certainly better than the backup safeties. There’s no way he doesn’t make team.

  5. Shawn Iltarion

    I think the demotion was more an attention grabber for House than anything. Micah Hyde tackled well on Friday, but it isn’t like he covered that great either. The Cardinals scored their other TD on HIM.

    The injuries to Tramon and Hayward pretty much guarantee House a spot at this point. If they both return before the final cut and the Packers are confident in their health, then MAYBE House could be in trouble if Hyde is still in front of him, but that is a lot of maybes.

  6. Adam

    Read today that he was routinely toasted in practice today by James Jones. Including giving up 4 receptions and the scoring TD on the two minute drill.

    • Phatgzus

      That news doesn’t warm the cockles of one’s heart but bear in mind Jonesy has been torching virtually everyone these days, ask Arizona’s DBs, or Houston’s, or Chicago’s for that matter.

  7. vj

    House and Hyde should both learn safety spots as well…like Jarrett has…they both look like tweeners. Not elite in coverage but decent enough and not fast like Shields but a bit more physical with some natural ball skills.

    • Phatgzus

      Hyde played safety in college, he knows how to play the position in a pinch, as for House, he gets hurt eating cereal for breakfast and you want to have him play the most physically demanding position in football? You might as well go disc golfing with your good china.

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